Become a member of the Model Flying Ranch

The Model Flying Ranch Support Association was founded on 11 December 2020. The association (Art. 60ff, Swiss Civil Code) serves the promotion and further development of the Model Flying Ranch (short: MFR) in Roquetes (Spain) in cooperation with the locally based model sports club Club RC del Ebre. It has its headquarters in 5612 Sarmenstorf (Switzerland).

Active members pay an annual fee of 150,- € and get free use of the MFR for the respective calendar year, even at an event. Only camping fees are not included in the annual fee and must be paid separately on site. Passive or supporting members pay an annual fee of 40,- €.
The membership application form (together with the aerodrome regulations) can be downloaded and printed here (pdf file).

The Model Flying Ranch Association is led by Ueli Nyffenegger (President), Ulrich Monjé (Finance/Vice President) and Philipp Gardemin (Secretary).